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Edward Scissorhands remake - Robert Pattinson will be playing as Edward

by hebatscore on Nov.22, 2009, under , ,

An Edward Scissorhands remake starring Robert Pattinson is the new internet rumor of the week. An Edward Scissorhands remake with Robert Pattinson could
quite possibly be one of the worst rumors about an upcoming film in a while, and hopefully ends up being just that in the end. The first time around it was Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder that starred in the Tim Burton vehicle, where Depp played an iconic character that really shouldn't be done again by anyone in films. It would be like someone taking over Depp's character of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It just wouldn't work, and could lead to a lot of embarrassment for the actor trying to re-do the role.

The Edward Scissorhands remake rumors might be traced to the 20th anniversary of the film this year and the naming of actors who were originally considered for the lead role in the original. Robert Downey Jr. was connected to the original casting (as was Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks), with the part going to Johnny Depp in the end. Though it's sometimes hard to figure out the leaps that rumors can make, like this one has done on Twitter this weekend, but somehow the leap was made from Robert Downey Jr. to Robert Pattinson being interested in the role, and maybe the fact that he is so young, Twitter users just started assuming that everyone was talking about an Edward Scissorhands remake. None of it makes sense, but the internet doesn't always do just that.

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